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Church History for the Contemporary Church,

Part 2

September 8, 2020 - November 10, 2020

Tuesday's, 7:00 pm est

Professor:  Rev. Dr. Tim Diebel

William Faulkner famously observed that, "The past is never dead.  It's not even past."  Indeed, the church continues to engage, manifest and struggle with the questions and challenges of every generation:  what does it mean and look like to follow Jesus?

In this second semester of "Church History for the Contemporary Church," students will pick up the church's story with the Reformation and follow it up to the present.  Developed around weekly readings, facilitated online discussions in our Zoom classroom, partnered learning and independent inquiry, the course intends to equip students with knowledge, understanding and insight from the past in order to more seriously engage the church of today.


Class sessions will be held on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm eastern time, September 8 - November 10.

Text for the class will be, The Story of Christianity, vol. 2: The Reformation to the Present Day, by Justo L. Conzalez, 2nd edition, 2010.

DIscovering Your Own Authentic Preaching

Style and Voice

September 10 - November 12

Thursday's, 7:00 pm est

Professor:  Rev. Dr. William Lee

In the musical DreamGirls, the character Deena Jones, played by

Beyonce Knowles sung these words from the song Listen:

I don't know where I belong              Now I am done believing you

But I'll be moving on                         You don't know not what I am feeling

If you don't, if you won't                     I'm more than what you've made

                                                         of me

Listen to the song here in                   I followed the voice you think

my heart                                            you gave to me

A melody I start, but I will complete     But now I got to find my own,

                                                           my own

It is the intent of this course to help each of you to realize that your preaching style and voice are sui generis (one of a kind, distinct).  We, like Deena in DreamGirls, may be following the voice that others have given to us.  Many of us over the years have knowingly and unknowingly borrowed someone else's style and preaching voice.

We will examine the classic preaching styles (expository, textual, topical, narrative through selected readings and listening to those considered to be "masters" in the field.  It is my hope after these ten weeks together we can sign, "but now I got to find my own, my own."

Class sessions will be held Thursday's at 7:00 pm eastern time, September 10 - November 12