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Virginia School of Ministry
Fall 2021
$150.00 per Course - 10 Weeks

Register by sending an email to Mary Anstice at ccinvaoffice@gmail.com, followed with a check made out to CCINVA and mailed to CCINVA, 1290 Enterprise Drive, Lynchburg, VA  24502.

Course 1:  Church Transformation

Class start date:  Tuesday, October 5th at 7:00 pm

Instructor:  Rev. Kevin McNeil

Class Description:  This course will focus on the following themes:  What is and what are the goals of transformation, life cycles of the church, assessment of the church, creating safe spaces for strong relationships, new churches in familiar spaces, training and leadership development, collaboration and partnerships, self-assessment alongside church assessment, and cross pollination to grow.

Course 2:  Long Term Ministry: Staying Tools for long term ministry

Class start date:  Monday, October 11th at 7:00 pm

Instructor:  Rev. Cynthia Stratton

Class Description:  In the midst of a world in which churches/clergy struggle with retention of young adults, Evangelism of new members and identity that differentiates your faith community from all the other churches, this course will explore the tools used by long-term pastor Rev. Cynthia Stratton.  Rev. Stratton will draw upon her 35 years at Bon Air Christian Church and the ongoing growth and strength of that congregation.  If you are looking for some tools and ideas on how to journey with your church in today's world come spend some time with Rev. Stratton and draw from her proven experience at Bon Air Christian Church.