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Craig Springs Camp and Retreat Center

If you have difficulties with registration for work weekend, please email the regional office at, or call 434-846-3400 and talk to Sue or Mary.

Craig Springs Fall Work Weekend- 2023

October 6th -> 9th  (meals available from Friday dinner to Monday breakfast)


            While the Spring might be a far more exciting time to come to Craig Springs and help “open” the camp, Fall is just as important.   The better we leave everything in the Fall the better it will weather the Winter and the easier it will be to open in the Spring.  In addition to the general clean-up and putting things “to bed”, there are of course other tasks that can happen any time a willing soul or skilled worker is available.  Below you will find a list of projects on the ToDo list, some will NEED to be completed this Fall, others will flow into the Spring list if not completed.  If you have specific questions about any of the tasks, please ask for details.



It would be good to complete the following tasks prior to closing.  For the most part they require labor and tools and supplies that the camp keeps on-hand. That said if you want to bring some of your own tools and supplies it will be greatly appreciated, and will stretch those we have.


Inspection: All rooms in all buildings need to be left in good order & checked for needed repairs. Confirm that the water heater, lights, and fans are off … that all windows and doors are closed and locked.. Check all alarms, lights, doors, screens, etc.  This inspection will provide a  basis for a spring repair list.  IF you have a great attention to detail, this would be a great task for you!!!


Leaf Removal: To protect the buildings from rot and allow them to dry,  any leaves that have already accumulated need to be removed and spread them into the woods.  If you have a favorite rake, bring it so that those rakes we have will be available to people who do not.


Landscaping: If you have a green thumb, bring your own equipment or use what we have and work on the various flower beds.   Weeding, thinning, and in general preparing the beds and bushes ready for the winter.


Labyrinth: Clean, weed, and mulch.


Specific Projects/Tasks - contact so that provisions can be made to do these projects. 


Skilled Projects: We have a variety of projects that require a carpenter, electrician, plumber, general “handyman”, small engine mechanic, painter, drywall installer, or other skilled labor.  A Few are in the lists below, but  please email Ron ( and ask about tasks in your area of expertise.


OLD trash trailer:  If there is a small crew available on Friday (or another weekday), the old trash trailer is full of old mattresses, refrigerators/freezers, and misc other construction debris that needs to be taken to the transfer station and MANUALLY unloaded. It can be towed with the camp truck or yours.   Assistance with this project would be GREATLY appreciated.


Trail Work

Needs: Trail Crew, Tools

Description: We are making progress in reopening the “North Mountain Trail” …This trail work can be done at any time, it is not limited to work weekends.   If you are interested in helping with the trail work contact me directly ( for information.


Garage Maintenance Area Cleanup and Organization

Description: I have a leader for this task, but he will need help sorting, moving and organizing.   So if you would like to  assist in this endeavor, come prepared to lend a hand.



Description: There have been some initial attempts to sort though the “games” and determine which are worth keeping because they are actually used, and which should be moved out either because they are never used, or because they are missing too many pieces.   This would be a good project for kids with adult supervision.


General Reorganization

Description: We need to have some beds and other furniture moved from one building or room to another and set up for usage.   Mostly this needs a small crew and manual labor, however a pickup or small trailer might make some of the moves easier  


In addition the Nursing Supplies in Oak need to be packed up and temporarily stored for the move back to the renovated Logan in the Spring.   The room currently setup for the infirmary needs to be converted back to a bedroom.


Floor Sanding

Description: One of the bedrooms in Oak needs to have the floor sanded with a rented floor sander in preparation for clear finish.   There is a minor repair that needs to be made in one place, and the bathroom flooring needs to be removed to see what if any repairs need to be made.  If anyone is interested in this project I will need to know ahead of time to make arrangements for the sanding equipment, or you will need to bring your own equipment.

Ceiling Fans

Needs: Electrician and Electricians Helper

Description: We have a donor who would like to over a period of years fund ceiling fans for all the cabins currently without fans. Please contact Ron ( arrival to ensure that I have everything on hand that you should need.



Needs: Small Engine mechanic 

String Trimmers … Service, Repair, determine useful for parts or need to be disposed of.

Hand (push) Mowers … Repair, determine useful for parts or need to be disposed  of.


There are many other projects that need to be completed… many hands make for light work … if you happen to know of a project not on the list that you would like to tackle, please let me know and I will add it to the list with your name attached.  Ron (

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