Welcome to the Christian Church in Virginia (Disciples of Christ)

Regional ministries exist to cultivate growth in congregations by demonstrating true community, deep Christian spirituality, and a passion for justice, as called for in Micah 6:8. Regions also educate and empower congregations to become healthy and vital living witnesses to the love, justice and grace of God through Jesus Christ, as is called for in Acts 2:43-47.

Regions strive to strengthen congregational life for the mission of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) by:

  • nurturing faith among the congregations
  • teaching and practicing spiritual disciplines
  • fostering Disciples’ identity
  • developing church leaders
  • establishing new churches
  • doing evangelism

Marks of a Faithful Regional Church

Every person who is a member of a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation is automatically a member of the Region in which that congregation is located. There are 32 regions in the United States and Canada.

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