Greetings Region of Virginia family,

I greet you in the name of Christ who guides us through these trying and challenging times.  This communication is to share with you the most recent news from our region.


The Administrative Council held an emergency meeting to discuss the effects of the COVID-19 virus on our region and its local congregations.  It has been determined by the Administrative Council that the 2020 Regional Assembly needs to be postponed until the fall.  The Regional Minister will coordinate with the Assembly Planning Committee to determine when and where the assembly will be held after we are past this crisis.


Please continue to pray for our Moderator Marilyn Whittaker as she recovers from her injuries and surgery.  Continue to pray for our Regional Minister and other regional staff as we endeavor to hear Christ clearly and lead our region in adapting to a new normal and new place.


Please remember to continue to pray for and connect with our local churches in the region.  As we are unable to assemble physically, we can use technology to assemble and communicate.  I encourage you to reach out to each other and encourage and support each other and remember that as God guides us, we will get through this challenge together.


In His Service,

Rev. Kevin L. McNeil 



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