What If.......

I love to imagine and dream! So, what if the churches throughout Virginia each had something amazing they were doing and were willing to invite others to share in that ministry or borrow it to use in their part of the Region. What if.....Blacksburg Christian Church invited other churches to come to a youth lockin or perhaps, First Christian Church in Salem, VA invited other men's groups to come with them on their mission trip to help with repairs at our sister camp, Camp Caroline in North Carolina? What if we could gather together at the Regional Assembly on May 30th and exchange some of these "Amazing" ministries taking place across the churches? What if we came together at Table and worshiped with each other as if we believe God has provided enough for each of us to thrive? We just need to share what we have with each other.

Come be part of the dream that Jesus taught us alongside the sea of Galilee. Mark 6:33-44 For another way to understand what I am dreaming about, view the video below.

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