What If?

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Dear Disciples in Virginia,

This month I have met so many amazing churches who are either looking for ideas around how to share the love of Jesus in new ways, or congregations who have found creative new approaches to ministry in their community.  In particular, I met a few Disciples from Edinburg Christian Church who had lots of empty Sunday School classrooms and no youth to fill them.  Instead of losing hope about what they were not able to do, they came up with a new and powerful use for those empty classrooms. 

They imagined  into existence a ministry called "A Small Hand" that focuses on the need for diapers and other supplies to help mothers in their county provide better care for their young children.

So, Disciples in Virginia,

I ask WHAT IF at our next Regional Assembly, churches across the region would bring one ministry to share with the rest of the church? 

I believe that God has provided more than enough in our chuches to change the world if we could find a way to share our ministries and gifts with each other.  Again, I ask WHAT IF we were to do this, would your church bring your signature ministry to share with others?

Blessings, BSD

Edinburg Christian Church-"A Small Hand"Ministry.

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