I am not OK with this - A Pastoral Poem

One White Regional Minister’s Response

Dear my beloved Disciples in Virginia:

I am not OK with this!

I am not OK with my black and brown sisters and brothers being killed while walking, sleeping, jogging.

I am not OK with my black and brown clergy colleagues having to fear every time their children leave the house!

I am not OK with how frequent another story of harm and blatant injustice towards human beings who happened to be black and brown appear in the news cycle and nothing changes!

I am not OK and I will never be OK until this stops happening.

But it will never stop until all of us are really NOT OK with this . . .

I confess as one White Regional Minister that I have not done enough,

I have not spoken up when I should

I have not risked enough to make it clear to all who will listen that racism in all its forms is evil and must be eradicated from this earth if we, as members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), are to ever truly be a movement for wholeness in a FRAGMENTED WORLD!

I am not OK with watching my black and brown Regional Minister friends who have to cry and suffer every time yet another person of color is killed and the world remains silent as if it does not matter.

I am not OK and I am asking that YOU as Christians say it, speak it and act out in ways that tell the world that you are not OK with this too!

As a white male regional minister, I know I have many privileges and that some will say that it is risky for me to speak these words.

But I say, I cannot remain silent and allow others to think that I am OK with the harm that continues to be forced upon my brothers and sisters.

I am not OK with this!


Regional Minister, Christian Church in Virginia Please Join me in the Poor Peoples Virtual March on June 20,2020

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