Hello Virginia Regional Church

There is a part of me that wishes that there was a simple way of telling you who I am and who I will be as your new Regional Minister.  I further wish that I could just as quickly get to know who you are so that we could have the needed trust and friendship to go about the world changing ministry that is needed in our world.  Yet, I know that all of these things come only through intentional time and experience with one another.

As I begin to serve as your Regional Minister, I look forward to visiting every congregation along with the clergy and faithful members who already go about amazing ministry in those places. 

I want to know what your struggles are and lift up to others the successes you have had in your part of the Region. 

I hope, along the way, you will learn about my own passion for ministry and gifts I bring to this servant role.

As we begin this journey with each other, let me start by telling you two things about who I am and how I go about my role as Regional Minister.


1.  I am never too busy to talk to anyone.  So call me, text, message me or just arrange to meet with me.  I may be on the road somewhere or in between my meetings with other people in the Region, but I want to hear from you. 

2.  I love to dream impossible dreams and I hope you will be willing to consider dreaming with me in time.

Blessings, BSD

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