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2023 Disciples Women Retreat

Disciples Women’s Retreat 2023

The 2023 Disciple Women’s Ministry retreat, for the Region of Virginia, was held October 6-8 at Hilton Garden Inn, Lynchburg, Virginia.  Forty-three women, one man, the musician, registered in advance for the retreat entitled “This is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life.”  Guest speaker was Reverend Kelsey Creech, pastor of Virginia Beach Christian Church.  Together we read and discussed the book of Ruth during three sessions.  Kelsey clarified cultural customs, explained terminology and interpretations of biblical times. Next, Kelsey shared, thought provoking questions that we discussed in small groups of four or five.  Then a reporter shared with the large group a summary of discussions.   Each session opened with gathering music, the announcements and introduction of the speaker.  Friday night closed with an evening of fun where we played games, biblical of course, and had snacks while some just shared in fellowship.  


Saturday afternoon four workshops were offered. A) Diversity, the Wall of Love led by Rev. Catina Martin. B) Disciple Women who we are, and what holds us together was presented by Rev. Donna Webster.  C) Mindful Movement was led by Sister Tiffanie Hairston. D) Easy Fall Craft was led by Sisters Jane Hatcher and Judy Eley. A Talents for Mission Market was also opened during the retreat which included bookmarks, knitted hats, slippers, blankets; small quilts, wreathes, Christmas ornaments and decorations, Hot pepper jelly, note cards, fall decorations and more.  A silent auction of Santa’s (some which was hand-made) was also available. Each Santa was auctioned separately.  This group of twelve to eighteen inch tall, tabletop Santa’s were donated to the Disciple Women Ministry.  A variety of Five Gift Baskets were donated and raffled off for Missions.  They were beautiful and abundantly filled with different items to include first aid items, scrapbooking supplies, crafts, and a home spa day.  

Meals at the retreat were self-served, appropriate, delicious, and enjoyed by all !!  Saturday night ended with fellowship, dessert/snacks, and entertainment by Olive Branch Disciple Women. 

Sunday morning our retreat came to an end with a beautiful worship service, memorial tribute to Rev. Marilyn Taylor, music, and communion. 

Much appreciation and grateful thanks to Olive Branch Christian Church, Disciple Women’s Ministry for organizing and planning the 2023 retreat. A special thanks to Rev. Kelsey Creech our from Virginia Breach Christian Church, our keynote speaker, our presenters, and all attendees at our 2023 retreat.

Submitted By,
Flo Parcell

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