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CAMPDD (Culinary, Art, Music, Photography, Dance, Drama) offers a rare opportunity to participate in a camping experience that provides youth of similar ages and interests the chance to flex their creative talents.  Campers choose one of the five areas to focus on during the week, and each day a significant amount of time is spent exploring their interests.  In addition to the various arts, campers also experience a positive, accepting, faith-based camping program and are able to form a close-knit community with other artists, photographers, singers, musicians, dancers, and actors.  At the end of the week, the campers lead a show that is open for friends and family to attend. We strongly encourage youth to bring their own materials and instruments, yet we strive to have as many materials and instruments present as possible – from paints, to charcoal and pencils, to guitars, drums, and microphones. Don’t know anything about the area you are interested in? Have no fear, our staff is present to help you learn and explore!  Come enjoy the freedom to express yourself in an open and supportive faith-based week of fun and learning.

In 2019, we added Culinary Arts to CAMPDD Camp! Campers will learn basic culinary skills, food production, prep and execution, food safety, and have fun while learning for the first time or practicing the craft of culinary. The culinary discipline will create dinner meals to reflect certain foods that are represented in the bible along with scripture for each meal.

Director:  Will Harriman -

Assistant Director:  Robbie Matthews -

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